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CLEANING Your Office Cubicle Panels


Extend the life of your office cubicles by as much as 50% and keep your offices looking spotless and professional by having Office Systems Warehouse clean cubicle panels in your offices.


Cubicle panel cleaning removes coffee stains, dirt, soda and harmful bacterial embedded in the upholstery. It’s a small price to protect your furniture investment.  

Just like in your home, fabric in offices needs to be cleaned periodically to retain its crisp, clean, feel.

Part of being an office manager is taking care of the cleaning and maintenance of the office. One maintenance step that you will have to take on if you have cubicles is the cleaning of the cubicles. It is not something that you will have to deal with every day, but is something that you will probably have to deal with on an annual or semi annual basis.


Our trained staff has the knowledge and attention to detail required to keep your office environment, as well as individual offices, meeting rooms and cubicles in their best image, always respecting the work area of your employees while maintaining a clean environment free of dust or trash where they can be productive.

As expense increase, replacingexisting cubicles and office furniture can be a very costly proposition.Instead, a visit from our experienced staff will save you thousands of dollarswhile improving office environment, morale and air quality.


OfficeSystems Warehouse and the EBS Group will return yourmodular office panels, fabric-covered walls and upholstered furniture to"like new" condition.


Your quality office furnishings canregain their original beauty with a thorough cleaning. We keep the entireprocess simple and affordable. Call fora FREE Quote – 954-302-7079


There are typically five steps to the cubicle cleaning process:

Step 1: Prepare the cubicles for cleaning.

The cubicles must first be prepared for cleaning. Remove all posters, calendars, photos and personal items from the cubicle walls themselves. Next, clear the desk of large items that could prevent us from reaching all parts of the cubicle.

Step 2: Dry soil is removed.

We then vacuum the walls of the cubicle in order to remove dry soil. Just like in carpet cleaning, dry soil is easier to remove than wet soil. Once dirt is sprayed with moisture, it will become mud and will cling to the fibers.

Step 3: Soil emulsification.

Next, we spray the cubicle walls with a pre-conditioning agent. This cleaning agent will break down and absorb soil. If the cubicle walls are lightly soiled, a spray of the solution will be sufficient. If, however, they are highly soiled, we will need to agitate the solution with soft bristled brushes.

Step 4: Soil removal.

Now that the soil has been emulsified, it must be removed. We use an upholstery cleaning tool to rinse the cubicle with clean water. This removes the soil and will also remove any residue left behind by the pre-conditioner.

Step 5: Cubicles are allowed to dry.

The last step is to allow the cubicle walls to dry before being put back to use. If necessary, we will provide additional air flow equipment to dry the cubicles.