With the rising cost of office space and the importance of providing an effective and efficient workplace, flexibilityis a must. 
Modular panel systems are one of the most cost effective ways to create a productive office atmosphere from the telemarketer on up to management offices with doors. The flexibility to make rapid changes, as your organization expands, is a key factor in controlling costs and keeping your down time to a bare minimum.

Office Systems Warehouse’s mission is to provide a finished product that can be purchased at discounts far below other competitors offerings. Offering pre-owned systems furniture from major manufacturers such as Haworth, Steelcase, and Herman Miller, places Office Systems Warehouse as a top supplier for these “A” grade cubicles to organizations both large and small. 
With an inventory of over 3,000 panels in stock allows you to pick and choose the cubicle size that fits your needs and is based on your own unique floor plan. Combining in stock “as is” cubicles or refurbished panels gives you the variety you should expect when itcomes time to outfit your office at the lowest possible cost. 
As a full service company Office Systems Warehouse also can provide delivery and installation as well as space planning for a full turnkey operation.